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Heidelberg GT Platen Press

with Starfoil foil conversion unit

Sheet size: 340 x 460 mm

This press is completely revised and in new-state condition complete with Starfoil foil conversion unit.
  • The foil conversion unit has a computer driven steppen motor drive.
  • The foil pull has an accuracy of 1 mm. The temperature is controlled electronically.
  • Will handle paper up to 1 mm thick.
The control is via a small control box which sits on a table directly in front of the operator, incorporating stepper motor and temperature control. A heater plate is supplied with six cartridge heaters facilitating speedy responce.

Hologram registration is available as an option on this machine.
SPECIFICATIONS GT Platen Press with Starfoil conversion unit
Print specification  
Maximum mechanical speed 4000 IPH
Maximum sheet size 340 x 460 mm
Minimum sheet size 85 x 120 mm
Foiling area 320 x 448 mm
Maximum foil length 610 mtrs
Number of foil units 1 standard / 2nd optional
Number of lengths per program up to 3
Number of pullls per length 3
Heat zones one
Sensors per bed one
Conversion power 220/240 Volts 16Amp
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• Toggle hooks, keys en bits
• Pertinax
• Presspan
• Epoxy glass board
• Yellow cover board
• Rubber Printbase
• SuperPress blanket
• Diafoil
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