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Starfoil 80-HS

800 x 600 mm

STARFOIL 80-HS  automatic hot-stamping, embossing and die-cutting press with Mabeg feeder

Machine – main characteristics
• Sheet size: 800 x 600 mm
• Three operator panels, one for controlling foil system and two for controlling the machine
• Maximum mechanical speed 7500 impressions per hour
• Complete electric & electronical system
• Fully automatic oil system for both main machine and drive chain
• Self diagnosis system with indication on the screens
• Lock for the gripper bar can be micro-adjusted
• Gripper bars are made of special industrial aluminium with hardened grippers
• Full sheet detection throughout the machine
• Linear scale throughout the machine, both for paper and foil inspection
• Robust construction
• Pneumatic accurate main clutch
• Automatic impression on and off by servo motors
• Precise and accurate drive of the table
• Calibrated top table
• The chase is locked pneumatically
• Height of the table is indicated in millimetres
• Main drive chain equipped with security clutch
• Operator’s platform with steps and guarding
• Sheet inspection table with top lighting
• Precise, controllable and consistent pressure
• Fitted with the Mabeg feeder
• Standard 300mm raised frame for higher feeding and delivery capacity
• With table to prepare foil shafts outside the machine
• Equipped with E-stops
• Complies to CE norm.

Feeder section
• Feeder for quick set up and excellent for light weight paper as well as board at maximum speeds.
• Paper range from 90 grs. - 2.0 mm
• Non stop feeder system is standard and offers efficiency for long production runs
• Double sheet detection
• Push and pull side lays (operator and non-operator side)
• Electronic side lay control
• Two electronic front lay controls
• Possibility to adjust timing of the inlay
• Press bar
• Safety during lowering the feeder table
• Position of the feeder table can be adjusted during production
• Becker Vacuum pump for feeder included

Delivery section
• Automatic non-stop delivery is standard. The carpet moves in and out during production automatically
• Brushes in delivery for sheet slowdown
• Equipped with side and back pushers
• Security during lowering of the delivery table
• Paper insert device (included)

Foil section
• Air foil separator suitable for large full area stamping
• Blower unit to stabilize the sheets
• Automatic impression throw-off
• Device to feed new foil into the machine
• Equipped with shafts for foil converting with knives for foil slitting
• 5 independently programmable foil advance shafts
• 3 hologram registration units for printing registered holograms
• Servomotors to control foil pulling
• Programmable foil pulls and steps for foil advance optimization
• Possibility of preparing the foil rolls on the shafts outside the machine for installation into the foil module (table included)
• Programs can be stored in the central PLC
• Adjustable dwell time
• Timer
• Equipped with evacuation brushes for wasted foil
• Fitted with 20 digital heating zones controlled by Siemens PLC
• Detection system for foil breaking (12 units)
• Foil run out warning
• Inner foil core diameter can be 1inch (25 mm) or 3inch (76 mm)
• Machine can take up rolls as narrow as 20 mm without problems.

Print specification  
Maximum mechanical speed 7500 IPH
Maximum sheet size 800 x 600 mm
Minimum sheet size 297 x 210 mm
Maximum stamping / embossing area 760 x 580 mm
Maximum die-cutting area 785 x 585 mm
Paper range 90 grs - 2.0 mm
Grip distance 7 mm
Foil / emboss specification  
Maximum foil roll diameter 250 mm
Number of foil pulls 5
Maximum foil advance 800 mm
Temperature 0 - 200 °C
Heating sectors 20
Pull resolution 0.1 mm
Machine specification  
Length 597 cm
Width 390 cm
Height 237 cm
Nett weight 13.000 kgs
Total capacity 46 kW
Heating capacity 21 kW
Height of feeder stack 1400 mm
Height of delivery stack 1150 mm in non stop condition
Maximum impression strength 150 tonnes
Did you know that Starfoil is a supplier of make-ready materials?
• Toggle hooks, keys en bits
• Pertinax
• Presspan
• Epoxy glass board
• Yellow cover board
• Rubber Printbase
• SuperPress blanket
• Diafoil
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