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Starfoil Pro Line CLC-400R slitting machine


Machine includes:
- one 3" unwind air shaft and two 3" rewind air shafts
- 3 knife holders incl. top and bottom knife
- razor blade slitting

Machine specification:
Max. diameter unwind: 600 mm
Max. diameter rewind: 450 mm
Max. working width: 400 mm
Min. web width shear slitting: 30 mm standard
Min. web width razor slitting: 9 mm
Max. web speed: max. 200 m/min

This machine has been designed to spool or slit rolls on 1"/ 3"/6" inner diameter cores (1"and 6" are optional) to rolls on 1"/ 3"/6" inner diameter cores (1" and 6" are optional) by means of shear slitting or razor blade slitting (optional). The machine has been built according to the cantilevered principle.
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• Toggle hooks, keys en bits
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• Presspan
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